about us

DECUS Dekorationsartikel was founded in 1996. Under the lead of Jacek Krajewski it became a successful venture and now it is a company well known
for its sophisticated and genuinely magnificent products.
In 2016 DECUS Dekorationsartikel became a Ltd. company and now it is referred to decus DekOHR GmbH & Co. KG.
Starting with distribution of products for opticians and eye specialists DECUS soon started to develop and distribute a wide range of decorative articles
for a whole variety of medical fields and managed to gain high awareness with many dentists, ENT doctors, orthopedists and physicians.

The products with the highest awareness are our so called 3D-Construction Sites – Showcases and Shadow Boxes with thematic motifs of a whole range
of medical fields. These brilliant pieces of artistic work visualize the work of medicine professionals in an amusing and humorous way.
Under the glass cover you will see a miniature scene of a construction site around enlarged anatomic model showing in a way passionate
to many funny details the work of miniature professionals and craftsmen on the human body parts.
In addition you will find many more artistic, decorative and promotional products in our thematic catalogues and on our web site.